By Women For Women

Thanks for joining me!

I am writing this blog, and hope to start a podcast, to create a community for women of all ages to tell their stories and share their strategies of how they live day to day. On the outside, our lives appear ordinary. However, upon further exploration, all of us are extraordinary. I know that as we reveal ourselves and learn about each other we will realize this. We have all come from somewhere. Our families, careers, friends, enemies, talents, gifts, challenges, and faith and/or spirituality have all shaped our lives and made us who we are. Our experiences and backgrounds create the lenses through which we see. I am interested in not only telling my story but also the stories of all women. It is my hope that through this endeavor we help one another feel great about who and where we are in our lives right now.

What and how do we prioritize to help us live our best life? From where have we drawn strength to overcome pitfalls, challenges, grief or setbacks? Is that still working for us now? What are our greatest accomplishments so far? What are our greatest challenges? From where do we draw inspiration? Where will this take us? What do we offer each other to help one another? I hope that by sharing our stories; the women of my community will thrive!

Together, we will explore, collaborate, commiserate, get to know each other, and open our hearts and minds!

XX,                                                                                                                                                      Robin


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