About Me

Ballet is my passion. In the 19 and 1/2 years that I have co-owned my performing arts studio, I estimate that I have taught 18,000 dance classes and 500 yoga classes primarily to girls, many of whom are now young women, who have grown into remarkable people. It is the thousands of students I have taught, and their families, who have inspired me to write my blog. In class, I have watched as many of them have struggled with lack of ability, coordination, and grace and still have approached their dance training with tenacity, determination, discipline, love, passion, self-care and a willingness to learn theoretical principles of the art of classical ballet. I love and teach all dance forms but ballet is where I am most at home. It is the time I have spent with my students in the studio and backstage at our performances that have inspired me to tell our stories. Every one of us has a souce of inspiration and experiences that have had profound affects. We are all unique, interesting and worth knowing.

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